Calling All Ladies – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

While you probably know that there are major and minor differences between genders, there are plenty of things you may not even think about that could lead to danger or injury on your fitness journey. We came up with a short list of interesting facts for ladies to remember while pursuing a healthy lifestyle…

The Temperature May Vary

If a man and woman go out for a tough bike ride on a really hot day, guess who is statistically more likely to suffer heat illness? Due to factors like hormonal differences, higher body fat percentages, and less efficient sweating, women have a harder time shedding heat than their male counterparts. That means your cyclist partner might be “in the zone” and you might be heading for heat exhaustion! Knowing that women have a tougher time in the heat means you should plan accordingly, hydrate well, and be sure to stay as cool as possible in the tough summer months.

Watch Your Knees, Please

While wider hips come with the territory of being a woman, they don’t make things easier for fitness, hobbies, and sports. Women are more likely than men to suffer knee injuries, thanks to wider hips and knees that then tend to collapse due to added pressure down the chain. In fact, female soccer players see a much higher rate of ACL knee injuries than their male peers – and their anatomical structure is a major factor. Yet, all is not lost! By strengthening surrounding muscles like your quads and hips, you can help support your knees.

If The Shoe Fits

Women tend to have more narrow feet and higher arches than men. That being said, finding the right athletic shoe is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. First off, identify what sort of shoe you need, e.g., running, walking, soccer, golf, etc. The best way to find a shoe that works for you is to visit a specialty store and speak with a knowledgeable associate for a shoe fitting. Big box stores are great if you know exactly what you need; however, if you aren’t sure, the blisters you might end up with definitely aren’t worth the few bucks you may save. Don’t be afraid to look at men’s shoes if you can’t find the right size/width/fit in women’s – you just may find the perfect shoe in the men’s aisle!

Grumbling Stomach

Most runners suffer occasional stomach upset at some point, whether on training runs, during a race, or after. Thanks to hormonal shifts, female runners tend to have more GI issues than male runners. Use a running fuel that disagrees with you, and your run may end before it begins. The tried-and-true method that works for most runners, regardless of gender: find the fuel and hydration that work with your system and stick with it. Try to avoid anything with fructose as it can cause GI upset. Excessive use of gels can also cause problems.

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