Our structured work conditioning program includes:

  • 2-4 hour goal oriented program directed and monitored by a licensed physical therapist
  • Assessment of job duties and modification recommendations
  • Therapeutic and functional activities directed toward building strength, flexibility, and endurance for return to work
  • Emphasis on work related and job simulation activities
  • Education on self-management and injury prevention including use of good posture and proper body mechanics for work activities

Body One also maintains regular and consistent communication with case managers and physicians regarding clients’ progress toward goals and return to work.

Interested in Keeping Employees Happy, Healthy, and Productive?

Body One Work Solutions was created on the belief that the proper fit between worker and workload can significantly benefit employers of all types. Our team of skilled physical therapists is able to blend their medical expertise with the needs of businesses in a variety of industries to help prevent employee injury in a timely, cost effective manner.