Pelvic Health Screening Questionnaire

If you’re concerned about your pelvic health, take this short quiz and see if you may benefit from Pelvic PT! Body One offers pelvic health physical therapy at our Fishers location, with Dr. Chelsea Savage. Dr. Savage is level 1 certified, which includes pre/post natal, urinary leakage, SI joint dysfunction, and more. She can also provide care for male patients, which does not include an internal exam. (Dr. Savage’s experience and education also allows her to make educated deductions based on symptoms, so although she may not perform specific exams for male patients she is still able to offer clinical advice and education.) If you are concerned about your pelvic health symptoms, take a few minutes and see if you could benefit from scheduling an appointment for pelvic PT! If you have specific questions or are concerned -even if your quiz results are negative- feel free to contact us!