Why You Should Fix Your Posture

With our free Posture Program starting this week, you might wonder why posture matters and why you should work to improve yours. As we’ve shared in the past, ‘sit up straight’ isn’t just something your mom or dad would say for fun; it has real implications for your musculoskeletal health. We encourage everyone to take part in our Posture Program starting this Sunday, Jan 3, and read on for why posture matters…

What is Posture?

When we refer to posture, we’re talking about how you sit or stand. You can have good posture or posture that could use some improvement. Observe how you are sitting or standing right now. Is your head positioned above your chest or resting straight on your neck? Are your shoulders rounded or straight? Is your chest out or rolled in? All these are components of your posture.

Why Does Posture Matter?

At first you might think it’s about appearance; however, while you may look more alert and focused when you’re sitting up straight, improving your posture can have real health benefits. Your neck and back’s bone structure should support the resting weight of your head; but, if you’re like many people, you may hunch forward to read a screen or look at electronic devices – leading ligaments and muscles to do the work. The rise of ‘tech neck’ is a prime example of how posture matters! Neck, shoulder, and back pain can all be caused by poor posture – especially hours of sitting or standing the same way. It can even force you to breathe differently: if you’re hunched over,  you may take more shallow breaths. Sitting up straight allows your chest to expand and for you to take deeper breaths. Sitting and standing properly can reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain, too.

Bad Posture: Is it Too Late?

Even if your posture could use some help, don’t panic! It often takes years to form unhealthy habits, and it will take some time to learn new ones. You’ve likely overworked the ‘wrong’ areas while underworking the ‘right’ ones with bad posture, so it will take time to change these old habits and strengthen muscles which haven’t been working hard enough. Working on improving your posture is a great small -but attainable- goal for the new year!

What Can I Do?

To help with posture you can follow some simple steps, like: reducing screen time to only an hour at a time, supporting your lower back with a rolled up towel, pillow, or ergonomic chair, and try sitting and standing taller by imagining a string on the top of your head, pulling you upright. Finally, to really tackle your posture, follow our Posture Program! It’s 10 weeks of new exercises each week, led by Dr. Daniel Waskiewicz. You won’t need anything more than some space and basic things you’d find at home, like a chair. Every week you’ll learn three new exercises to do each day, and they’ll increase in intensity as the weeks go on. If you’re ready to work on better posture, try the Body One FREE Posture Program!

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