PT’s Part in Healing Hip Pain/Injury

The hips: part of your body’s center, vital for movement, and often a source of mystery. If you experience pain in your hips, while “the hips don’t lie” (according to the song), they may at least mislead. We share some different types of common hip problems and what to do if you’re experiencing hip pain.

There are two main types of hip pain: pain originating from the actual hip joint, and pain that originates from around the hip joint (and may even come from somewhere else altogether).

Common Types of Hip Injury/Issues

Arthritis: If your actual hip joint has begun to deteriorate, you’ll likely feel more of a deep pain or discomfort which may feel more internal, often near your groin.

Sciatica: The large nerve that runs down the back of the leg can cause some pain around the hips but it typically will be felt more in the buttocks or down the backs of your legs.

Muscles/tendons: If you sprain/strain or otherwise irritate the muscles around your hip, you’ll likely feel more of an external pain near your hip, upper leg, or side.

Hip labrum injury: The labrum is like the gasket in your hip joint. If you tear or injure your hip labrum, you may feel a painful ache within your hip, groin, and even buttocks.

Back issues: That’s right – back problems can masquerade as hip pain, often causing a delay in treatment as people seek to figure out their “hip” problems. Bulging discs and compressed nerves can refer pain to the hip region, although the hip itself is not involved.

Hip flexor issues: Your hip flexor can cause pain further down the chain – like the outside of your knee, which is another problem hiding behind its symptoms.

Physical Therapy for Hip Pain/Problems

Physical therapy is the ideal resource for many different orthopedic conditions and hip problems are included. At Body One PT, your physical therapist is an expert in the musculoskeletal system and is able to assess the likely cause behind your hip pain. Should you need imaging or to see a different specialist, s/he can make that recommendation after your initial exam. From muscles issues, to arthritis, to working with hip flexors, torn labrums, and beyond, your PT will work with you to develop a custom treatment plan designed to reduce your discomfort and help get you healing. By focusing on what you need: flexibility, strength, range-of-motion, etc., your physical therapist will guide you in what you can do at home to work on your recovery, as well as helping you with hands-on treatment like manual manipulation.

Thanks to Direct Access, you have 42 days to see a physical therapist without needing a referral. By starting with physical therapy, you’ll be ahead of the game – saving time and money. If a referral becomes necessary for further treatment, our office works with both physicians and insurance companies daily.

If your hips aren’t behaving, don’t take it lying down: call Body One. We’re locally owned and operated, with three locations serving Central Indiana: North Indianapolis, Fishers, and Zionsville. Our team of caring, expert physical therapists is ready and waiting to help you get back to feeling great. Call Body One today and find out how we’ll help you make progress!