Looking for the Fountain of Youth? The Simple Solution to Staying Younger

If you wanted one more good reason to get off the couch and stay active, you’re in luck! While it may not be the mythical fountain of youth, new research indicates that regular exercise can keep you younger at the cellular level. Research published on ScienceDirect.com appears impressive – changes normally seen with aging are dramatically slowed due to physical activity. The study also indicates that the “younger” cells may possibly reduce disease risk as well. Overall, we can’t think of many better reasons to find a fun activity and get moving: you may enjoy both improved quality and quantity of life.

Tale of the Telomeres

Your telomeres are “nucleoprotein caps” which are attached to the end of chromosomes. As we age, the telomeres naturally shorten by quite a bit, and there is notable deterioration of the cells. For the study, researchers looked at over 5,800 U.S. adults and compared lifestyle/activity to telomere length. The study demonstrated that, on average, adults with the highest level of physical activity enjoyed what equated to a nine-year advantage at the cellular level. For both men and women, being active meant that their cells faced less deterioration and they had longer telomeres. This indicates that high-activity people are younger at the cellular level than their sedentary peers!

Exercise Reduces Disease Risk

We’ve noted before that staying physically active and fit can help reduce disease risk, and new research shows that exercise may help prevent dementia in women. This study raises the intriguing idea that the mode behind that protection may be at the cellular level; your cells are literally younger and in better shape which could have major health benefits.

Getting/Staying Active

You could both be prolonging and improving your life by getting and/or staying active. If you have a set fitness regimen that works for you, then keep at it. If you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of ways to ease into a fitness plan that will be both fun and motivating. Check your local gym or YMCA for beginner classes, ask a friend, or even start small with a daily walk. Getting up and moving is the first step! For many people, immobility isn’t always a choice – they may struggle with chronic pain or old injuries, etc. that limits their ability to be active. In that case, checking in with a trained physical therapy provider can give you the best foundation for healthy movement and activity. S/he can assess your movement, balance, and muscular strength/weakness to help craft a plan that will improve your overall physical fitness as a result.

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