How Can Physical Therapy Benefit You? We Break it Down

Many people have misunderstandings about physical therapy, whether it’s how to seek it or how it can benefit you. The fact is that physical therapy and physical therapists can offer solutions to many physical problems from chronic pain, movement issues, balance problems, and injury recovery – just to name a few. In case you’re wondering if PT can help your current issues, here’s a quick-look guideline to how physical therapy can work and how to go about taking the first step in your recovery.

The Sooner the Better

If you have an injury, movement problems, pain with motion, etc seeing a physical therapist sooner rather than later is a good idea. In the example of an injury, once your body begins to heal you may end up having to work harder to regain range-of-motion and strength if you delay PT than if you’d gone in right away. That being said, your physical therapist is highly trained and knowledgeable; even if you’re years into a chronic problem, s/he will adapt a treatment plan to your situation to help improve your condition.

It’s Conservative

Who would rather go under the knife? Not many of us! Physical therapy is a great conservative treatment option that is frequently successful, depending on the situation. While there are cases that will require surgical repair, even in those cases a surgeon will recommend physical therapy prior to surgery to help guarantee a better outcome. Many doctors suggest physical therapy because it’s a non-invasive treatment option that can help prevent needing surgery! Physical therapy can strengthen muscles, help restore motion, and reduce pain – and all without an operating room.

Your PT is a Specialist

Many patients think of a physical therapist as someone who follows the referring doctor’s orders. While a doctor can refer you to PT, the physical therapist is the one who assesses you and develops the appropriate treatment plan. In fact, you might be surprised that your physical therapist may be a doctor as well! Your physical therapist is highly-educated and trained, and very specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Just like you see a cardiologist if you need specialized heart care, you see a physical therapist if you need specialized care for your musculoskeletal system.

You Don’t Need a Referral 

Another misconception is that you cannot see a PT without a referring doctor’s okay. In fact, you have direct access to a physical therapist. While there is a limit of times that your insurance will likely cover your visits without a referral, your PT’s office is familiar with this. The PT’s office will typically work with your GP or orthopedic doctor and let him/her know about their recommendations to receive an ongoing treatment order. You can also seek out the physical therapy practice of your choice and aren’t bound to the PT your doctor recommends. There is choice and control in accessing physical therapy and this benefits you as a patient.

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