5 Signs Your Training is Not on Track

It can be terribly frustrating: you’re following a plan, and you have a big fitness goal – but no matter how much you try, you’re struggling. There are some signs to watch out for that your training may be going off the rails, which may help you pivot to get back on track. We share the signs that your body isn’t adjusting to your training, and what to do to get moving again…

5 Signs Your Training is Giving You a Red Light

  1. You’re not seeing progress: You aren’t able to run much farther, cycle much longer, or lift much more than you could previously. In short, you are struggling to make progress. Your performance may also suffer.
  1. You’re still sore: You aren’t feeling much better than when you started and your body remains sore, achy, and uncomfortable.
  1. It isn’t getting any easier: You’re struggling with adding new workouts, and new challenges to your existing routine. Your body just isn’t allowing for it.
  1. Your recovery is slow: Your recovery days aren’t helping much, and you feel bad when returning to your routine.
  1. You don’t feel good: You’re experiencing frequent discomfort, pain, or even acute, focal pain in some areas. You may also be feeling “burned out” – unmotivated, sluggish, exhausted, grumpy, or tired. You may even notice you’re getting sick more often than before, with frequent colds, or other illness.

These are some signs of overtraining, or that your body isn’t adjusting to your routine and you may need to back off or address some issues before resuming your workouts. If you’re not seeing the progress you expect, if you have discomfort, pain, or acute focal pain (specific area), movement or mobility issues that affect your training, making an appointment with a physical therapist can make all the difference. A PT will examine you, talk to you about your workout and lifestyle, and recommend a treatment plan based on your unique goals and needs.

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