Why Am I Slicing My Golf Shot? Three Reasons Your Golf Swing Needs Work

By: Dr. Matt Zaudtke, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS

After this year’s quarantine and stresses, you’re probably feel ready to get out to your favorite local golf course to enjoy yourself. Like many golfers, I have struggled with hitting a slice from the tee box to my irons. It seemed like more reps at the range never helped. My breakthrough moment came after understanding how my body’s ability to move effectively, or more importantly, ineffectively was causing my slice – rather than my lack of ability!

Your body’s lack of mobility or strength in certain areas will directly impact the direction your golf ball travels. Three of the most common movement limitations that cause a slice are:

1) An inability to properly rotate through your pelvis. If you lack movement, it will potentially result in hitting the golf ball from “out to in” or going “over the top,” causing a left to right ball path.


2) Decreased shoulder mobility. When you take the golf club into your backswing, your shoulders must rotate and elevate upward to ensure that the golf club is “staying on plane.” When you have stiffness in the shoulders, your golf club may be moving into positions that are causing you to slice.


3) Hip stiffness. Your golf swing requires a tremendous about of hip movement and control. Both of your hips provide the rotation that facilitates powerful movement from your backswing to your follow through. If you have limited motion to either hip, you are likely to lose power and control of your shot.

If you want to identify of any of these limitations, or other flexibility and strength problems are preventing you from hitting the ball straight, please call Body One Physical Therapy now for a consultation with our golf specialist, Dr. Matthew Zaudtke. Dr. Zaudtke sees patients at the Body One North Meridian location. We have three locations serving Central Indianapolis, so you’re never too far away from getting great care: North Indy/Carmel, Fishers, and Zionsville. For more information on how Body One can help you (or your golf game) call Body One today, or click to make an appointment!