The Power of Being Proactive

By Kevin Sanborn, PT, DPT, OCS

With a new year beginning, individuals tend to use this time for self-reflection and as an opportunity to set goals for the coming months.  For many people, a fitness or wellness goal is part of the master plan.  If you are an individual who values your health, mobility, and enjoys being active, physical therapy should be a key component of completing your 2018 goals.  We all want to feel well, with an abundance of energy and strength to have fun, triumph over daily challenges, and contribute to those around us.  The key to all these ideals is physical wellness.

At some point, we all experiences aches and pains.  It is a natural part of life.  But what if I told you of a simple way that you could reduce the intensity and duration of your pain?  The answer is to seek help from your physical therapist early rather than wait until the problem has spiraled into a more formidable issue.  Would you rather wrestle a kitten or a lion?  Would you rather climb a hill in your backyard or a mountain in Colorado?  Addressing problems while they are small always makes the solution easier and quicker.

There have been many studies that have proven this idea as it pertains to human health conditions.  In our practice, when we see patients within two weeks of onset of pain, the length of treatment and number of visits is greatly reduced compared to those who first see a physician and are ultimately referred to our care.  Being proactive about your health can also save you money.  One study found that patients with back or neck pain saved an average of $1500 when seeing a PT versus seeing a physician as their first source of help.

At Body One Physical Therapy, we know the power of being proactive about one’s health.  When you experience pain, give us a call and we will get you in quickly for an evaluation and treatment plan.  When you are feeling well, be proactive about keeping your body in a healthy state.  In 2018, we are excited to announce a new program called Sustained Optimal Performance.  In this program, we will perform a full musculoskeletal evaluation to discover muscle groups that are tight or weak, assess posture, and discuss your goals of being active, healthy, and strong.  Please visit the link below to read more about how you can take charge of your physical wellness.

Sustained Optimal Performance