Physical Therapy Month: Fixing What Ails You — Your Hip- When it Hurts, It’s Hip to Figure it Out

Your hip is a major joint in your body; and it isn’t too dramatic to say it’s what keeps your leg going! Without your hip working well, you aren’t moving well. Hip pain is common and can be caused by your favorite sporting activities (among others); we give you the low-down on why your hip might be sore and what to do about it.

Your hip is a large joint that attaches your leg to your torso; as a ball-and-socket joint, it works by fitting the top of your femur into your pelvis. Along with the bone of your femur (femoral head), your hip also includes ligaments, cartilage, and your hip labrum which serves as a sort of “gasket.”

The Pain: Your hip pain may be dull or sharp, mild or more severe. You may also notice that your hip feels stiff or you’ve lost some mobility.

The Problem: Often hip pain comes with certain activities like running, playing basketball, soccer, or rotational movement. Improper form during sporting activities can lead to hip pain, as well as over-striding during running (which often happens when going downhill).

The Treatment:

At home: You can rest and decrease any activities that contribute to hip pain or discomfort. You can also try ice or heat. Ice often helps more with inflammation, while heat helps with stiff muscles. You can alternate ice and heat to see which provides more relief.

What to Watch For: Pay attention to pain that doesn’t improve or worsens, pain at rest, pain at night – that disrupts sleep, pain/discomfort that limits daily activities, pain that limits movement and/or mobility, leg giving out, symptoms that persist beyond a week (7-10 days).

Seeking a Professional: Making an appointment with a qualified physical therapist is a great option when dealing with hip pain. S/he is an expert in the musculoskeletal system and will assess your pain as well as your daily activities, goals, and lifestyle. Your physical therapist will develop a custom treatment plan to help strengthen and heal your hip. Thanks to direct access, you can schedule with a physical therapist first thing. S/he will work with your doctor and insurance company if a referral and/or more visits are needed. You’ll also learn how to help prevent future issues with your hip.

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