What’s the Most Important Joint in the Body? We Answer

What’s the most important joint in the body? Some might say the hip joint, since it’s a large ball-and-socket joint and central to major movement. Other reports point to the ankle since a bum ankle can all but ruin your competitive speed skating dreams (or just your dog-walking ones). Still others note that the shoulder is a complex and vital joint and not always friendly to replacement like the hip. We can settle the debate: the most important joint is….whichever joint is causing you pain. Sound simplistic? We beg to differ – the high school baseball pitcher with an aching shoulder will give you one answer, while the long-distance runner another, and the manual laborer still a third. Each major joint in the body comes with a host of amazing and intricate properties and a long list of complaints when injured.

Your joint-health is central to your overall wellness. Soon we’ll be taking a closer look at the way you can incorporate physical therapy into your total health; addressing lingering joint pain, instability, and irritation can go a long way to improving your comprehensive health. If you’ve ever heard the old joke: you know you’re getting older when you identify between joints with “the bad one” and “the good one” you might realize how common this is! Whether it’s a nagging knee that keeps you from walking the golf course and stuck in the cart, or an elbow that bothers you from the grocery store to the tennis court, taking charge of your health and learning new exercises,  a strengthening regimen, as well as what-not-to-do can be a huge game changer.

Many people think of the Physical Therapist only after an acute injury, and not when they’ve been dealing with chronic, nagging pain. In the example of joint pain, yours may be left over from an old injury, a badly healed surgery, or poor movement habits in sports, hobbies, or daily life, i.e., not just a current acute injury. Physical therapy can help you gain better range-of-motion, control, and even pain relief. So while articles pop up touting the most important joint, rest assured that it’s your “bad” one – whatever it is. The good news is that your “bad” knee/ankle/shoulder etc. doesn’t have to keep that title. With some quality physical therapy and effort, your most important joint can join the rest of the good ones.

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