Three Steps to Maximize Your Potential with Your Physical Therapist

Although it may be injury or surgery that leads you to physical therapy, whatever the reason you end up in PT the experience itself offers one which can create growth, insight, and overall health improvement. While the physical therapy provider is the expert, you play an invaluable role in your own healing and recovery – and there are ways to get the most out of each session and maximize your time with your PT. We recommend…

Honesty is the Best Policy:

We’ve written about it before – you need to be honest and realistic with your provider about your schedule and what you have (or haven’t) done. Although many clients feel anxious about leveling with their PT, especially if they haven’t been doing their home exercises, your physical therapist is on your side and the more s/he knows the better. Likewise, if you’re struggling or feel like some of the home exercises are too tough or beyond you, it’s important to share that, too. Your PT develops a personalized plan to improve your movement, strength, mobility, etc – but the plan that you play a role in is the one which is successful.

Be Your Own Advocate:

It’s important to understand both what brought you into your helpful PT’s office, as well as what is most likely to keep you out of there in the future. If you’re a regular weekend warrior with repeat nagging injuries, or even if you have you an acute injury or surgery, it’s important to learn from your physical therapist how to ensure you have a speedy recover and ways to safeguard against future issues. A PT can be an invaluable resource when you’re injury free, too. For instance, Body One provides the Sustained Optimal Performance program in which we assess clients and tailor a plan to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and address any areas of weakness.

Track Your Own Progress:

While Your PT will assess your progress, it will help both you and your provider if you track your own progress. This may come as second nature to active individuals who are used to tracking business or athletic goals. Think of your physical therapy as one more goal on a very important spreadsheet! Make note of days you felt great and days you struggled; your provider can look over any notes and see if there are any patterns. You’ll also have your own record of real improvement on the road to health!

Body One Physical Therapy has helped our clients return to active, fulfilling lives and we’d love to help you, too. If you’re interested in learning more about our Sustained Optimal Performance program, contact us today. Although it’s cash-based, it may qualify for a cash-based disbursement under your HSA’s health and wellness program. Body One is locally-owned and has three locations serving central Indiana:  North Indianapolis,  Zionsville, and Fishers. Call today and schedule your appointment with Body One.