How Body One PT Can Help You Have a Healthy New Year

Well it’s here, again: the New Year is upon us! And while everyone is glad to see 2020 in the rearview mirror, it’s the time of year for resolutions and goals to be made, set, and often abandoned. Plus, after such a difficult year, it may feel harder than usual to set goals or plans that motivate you. The most common resolutions and goals are health related; weight loss, eating better, increasing activity, returning to favorite fitness or sports, completing a specific event, etc. Whether you set goals this year, or are too exhausted from 2020 to plan, we’re sharing how we can help make your 2021 better through better health…

Free Virtual Posture Program

We are sharing a free virtual posture program that will run Jan 3-March 7 2021. Each Sunday after 12, you’ll be able to view a brand new video right here in the Body One Blog, the Body One PT Facebook and Instagram pages, and our YouTube channel. Dr. Daniel Waskiewicz will lead you each week in a series of exercises anyone can do with no special equipment. Every week builds on the week before, so if you missed a previous week, be sure to go back and add the previous exercises before proceeding. Better posture can improve everything from neck and back tension to breathing better, and preventing future issues down the road. Start the new year off by working on a safe, effective fix for something many/most of us struggle with!


Sometimes people who could benefit from Physical Therapy put it off because of their schedules, transportation, weather, or other issues. That’s why Tele-PT can be a great option for some people. If you have access to a connected device, you can meet with one of our caring, knowledgeable Physical Therapists via a secure Zoom meeting. Your Physical Therapist will be able to watch you move, make suggestions, offer guidance, and answer questions, just like in the clinic. Enjoy PT from the comfort of home this winter!

Physical Therapy 

If you’re dealing with suspected injury, pain, mobility, movement, or other issues of the musculoskeletal system, seeing a Physical Therapist is the first step on your road to recovery. You’ll receive an in-depth assessment and a custom treatment plan based on your unique condition and goals. You’ll get compassionate, motivating guidance from your Physical Therapist, and likely a mixture of manual (hands on) therapy and at-home exercises between clinic visits. Many people are limited from doing – and enjoying – both daily and extra activity in their lives, and Physical Therapy offers what medication and braces cannot: fixing the problem at its source. Start this year off with an Annual PT Exam, where you’ll receive a thorough, total body evaluation and specific recommendations based on your personal goals and health care provider’s recommendations.


If you’re ready to feel better this year, Body One PT is here to help and cheer you on. We’re locally owned and operated, with three locations serving Central Indianapolis: North Indy/Carmel, Fishers, and Zionsville. Whether you’ve set big goals or you just want to feel better while living your daily life, we’re ready to help you get there. Call or click today to take on the new year with the best PT team in Indy!