Healthy Aging Month: Ways to Improve Your Health

September is Healthy Aging Month, a reminder and focus on the positive aspects of growing older and annual health observance. It’s also a good time to do a self-check for older adults. There’s no reason that growing older should be difficult, frightening, or unpleasant – here’s a list of ways you can work toward improving your health right now, regardless of age:

  • Get moving! You aren’t a tree, so why put down roots and age in place? Get up, get moving, and work toward an active hobby. (If you’ve been sedentary for a long period of time, don’t rush into demanding fitness activities and check with your doctor first.) You can start with taking a walk every day: it’s easy, free, and you can do it anywhere from city to suburbs.
  • Clean up Your Diet: It’s easy to overthink and make it complicated, when you can take some simple steps for a healthier diet. Do you make a habit of fast food or junk food? Cut back on processed food, desserts, and fast food. Instead, incorporate foods that are nutrient dense (think swapping your chips for an apple).
  • Stay in Touch with Friends: Don’t overlook the importance of having a social circle. It’s easy to lose touch with friends as we get older, and it may take an effort to stay connected but it’s worth it and it’s better for your health! Studies have shown friendships are important to happiness and health in adults.
  • Lift Weights: You don’t have to become a body builder, but lifting weights has benefits for both genders, especially once muscle and bone loss accelerates after the glory days of your 20s are in the rear-view window.
  • Address Issues Like Balance/Flexibility Early: As you age, you may notice you’re becoming less flexible and/or having issues with balance. Unfortunately, many people become afraid of falls and limit their movement which then causes further movement problems. Instead of waiting to deal with movement/balance/mobility problems, address them early and learn ways to improve strength and flexibility. Working with a physical therapist is ideal for aging adults as their needs change and a PT is well-equipped to help you get back on track regardless of age.
  • Stay active: When you were younger, you were busy enjoying hobbies, family, friends and a wide variety of activities. As you age, don’t give up the pursuits that bring you joy – continue doing what makes you happy. Whether it’s an active hobby (remember, even the Boston Marathon has an 80 and over group) or bird watching with a local club, be sure to continue growing and learning.

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