Beat These Three Threats to Your Child’s Winning Sport Season

Although it’s definitely still the height of summer, for many kids school is just around the corner with the first few weeks (or even days) of August. With the approach of school, that also means for many kids, sports try-outs and regular practice are also fast approaching. As a parent, you may worry about the danger of a football tackle, or a rogue slide-tackle or header in soccer; however, ensuring your young athlete is practicing and conditioning properly is just as important to keep him/her healthy and off the bench this season!


Many kids who make the team launch immediately from sitting around during the summer to multiple practices a week plus games. It isn’t hard to see how this could result in a child who isn’t properly conditioned ending up with an injury. If your child has been mostly sedentary all summer and jumps right into running miles, stairs, hills, etc during conditioning drills, s/he can be at a higher risk for overuse/overtraining injuries.

How to Beat It

While you don’t want to become your child’s personal trainer, getting him/her more active as the clock ticks down to school is a good idea. Encourage active play, go on walks together, and suggest your child start slow and easy with running in order to get used to the increased demands on the body.

Improper Form

Let’s face it, none of us know how to kick, pass, hit, or throw with proper form right off the bat. If we get comfortable doing something – even the wrong way – it will be harder to break the habit, and more likely to result in injury.

How to Beat It

Encourage your child to work with his/her coach if necessary to learn the basics. If your child is experiencing sports-related discomfort, stiffness, pain, movement problems, or more, it might be time to seek a physical therapist. A physical therapist can work with your child to discover any muscle weakness, improper movement patterns, and teach him/her proper form and how to help prevent injury.

Bad Gear

If your child complains of blisters, foot pain, leg pain, or more – you may want to check his/her shoes. While some kids may be partial to their “lucky” cleats, the shoes may be worn out even if your child has stopped growing. If you wouldn’t drive on bald tires, don’t expect your cross country star to run on shoes with worn-out tread! Worn-out shoes can also cause friction and blisters, as well as discomfort from the lack of good support. Other gear, like protective goal keeper gloves, needs to be intact to provide protection and perform properly.

How to Beat It

At the end of every season, check your child’s gear. If cleats are worn out and goal keeper gloves have holes, it’s time to retire them. Before the start of next season, replace any gear that needs it; be sure that everything is in good shape, fits comfortably and properly, and that it provides your child with good protection and support.

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