Free Injury Screening: What are You Waiting For?

We all have that one friend (or maybe are that one friend) who says “I’m fine, really!” as they limp along during the run, or try to hide their grimace during weekend activity. Instead, they promise to rest for a few days, maybe use some ice – are you really that surprised if they turn up later with a more serious problem? Body One Physical Therapy offers free injury screening at our three locations, and we share why it’s a good idea to schedule yours when you suspect injury.

Since 80% of internet users have searched for health information online, chances are that’s one place you might go after an injury – before you try to find your spouse’s old knee brace, or the ice pack you know is at the bottom of your freezer. The problem, among others, in turning to the internet is that you might suspect what went wrong but you don’t know – nor do you know exactly what to do to fix it. If you rolled your ankle on a hike, you might have sprained it, but Google won’t be able to tell the severity, or if you need to do additional strengthening exercises to help shore up some strength imbalance. If you suspect an injury, you need an actual exam by an expert in their field: a physical therapist. An injury screening is a great tool we offer to help answer people’s questions and get them to the right treatment. You’ll also get benefits like:

Faster Treatment = Faster Recovery: Would you rather turn to Dr. Google or that guy at your office who once had something similar in high school, or an expert who is examining your current condition? It’s no contest. Getting a quick injury screening means you’ll be one step closer to recovery.

Keep Making Progress: Injury can be especially hard for someone working toward a big goal. The good news is that with the right exam and diagnosis, you’ll know what you’re dealing with and what the next step is. If you need physical therapy, your PT can show you how to keep working toward your ultimate goal.

Limit Further Damage: If “a little learning is a dangerous thing,” then reading tips on the internet and social media can be really dangerous when it comes to suspected injury. Seeing a physical therapist, on the other hand, is ideal. Your PT is typically a doctor in one of several disciplines, and an expert in the musculoskeletal system. S/he will identify your injury and you’ll be able to prevent further damage.

Receive Proper Care: If your PT believes that you’ll need imaging or to see another specialist, s/he will recommend that during your injury screening. If physical therapy is recommended to treat your injury, you’re already in the right place! You’ve saved time and money and begun your journey to recovery.

Did We Mention Free?: At Body One, our injury screening is free. It’s a great way to get to meet one of our expert physical therapists, find out what that injury might be, and get on your way to recovery. We are also frequently out and about in the community, offering injury screenings at local events – so be sure to follow our social media for more information!

So if you suspect injury, don’t wait it out and try to DIY treatment with online stories and well-meaning social media friends. Call the experts at Body One. We’re locally-owned, with three locations serving Central Indiana: North Indianapolis, Fishers, and Zionsville. Our talented team of compassionate, knowledgeable providers works with clients of all ages and activity levels and would love to get you moving in the right direction. Don’t wait out injury, call Body One today!