Working from Home & Sitting too Much? Here’s How to Improve Your Health

We’ve shared the reality of how prolonged sitting isn’t all that healthy before; in fact the term ‘the sitting disease’ describes how sitting too much can negatively impact your health. From higher blood pressure to diabetes, your health risks increase along with your time spent sitting down. Normally, your work commute, plus your job, plus your time spent unwinding at the end of the day add up to a lot of hours spent sitting down – and a lot more health risks.

During a global pandemic, when people are stuck indoors more and even working from home? Your hours of sitting could dramatically increase! You may find yourself working from the couch or binge-watching more TV in your free time. Even if you’re someone who logs regular time working out or staying active, if you spend significant time on your rear end, your risk for negative health effects rises.




So what can you do (especially if you’re working from home) to avoid spending too much time sitting? Here are some ways to help change your habits and improve your health:


  • Try to stand periodically, while working. If you don’t have a standing desk, place your laptop or keyboard on a high desk or counter.


  • Set certain work activities you always do while standing, e.g., taking phone calls, writing notes, reading emails. You’ll be surprised how much time adds up!


  • When you’re unwinding after work, don’t just turn to (more) sedentary activities like watching TV or scrolling through your social media. Take a walk, break out your green thumb in the garden, enlist your kids for some active fun, try a new recipe – the active options are endless!


  • In addition to your planned work outs, take another hour a day to get up and move. Go for a bike ride, walk, or clean out that closet, attic, or garage (you know the one).


  • Try setting up your at-home work space to force you to move more; it may feel inconvenient at first, but over time it will add up to you spending less time in a chair or couch.


  • Drink more water! It’s probably even easier at home to forget to stay hydrated; you’re in a familiar environment, and trying to juggle normal work duties. Staying hydrated is a good health practice, plus it will result in necessary walking to the restroom.


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