Why You Should Get a Wellness Evaluation

At Body One Physical Therapy, we offer Wellness Evaluations at our three locations. Not to be confused with our free Injury Screening, Wellness Evaluations are a program in which one of our experienced, expert providers will work with you to help make improvements that can carry long-term benefits. We share some reasons a Wellness Evaluation is a great idea for everyone.

What it Is: A physical therapist will meet you, discuss your goals, any concerns, and what you’d like to improve. S/he will then assess you, looking for areas of weakness, imbalance, old or chronic injury, and more. You’ll then receive a custom plan and a list of home exercises designed to address the PT’s findings. You’ll agree on a time to check in with your physical therapist and go over your progress, as well as any areas you’re struggling – ultimately helping you improve key areas.

Benefits of a Wellness Evaluation:

  • Address old injury or chronic issues: There are plenty of problems people carry with them as they age, but old injuries/chronic issues don’t have to be among them. Your physical therapist will assess how that old football injury or your “bad” knee is affecting you today – as well as what we’ll do now to make progress.
  • Improve flexibility: If “you don’t know what you ‘got, ’till it’s gone” – flexibility would make the list. Suddenly, you’re less limber and movements that were once second nature now take a lot more work. A Wellness Evaluation plan can address any problems with flexibility and provide exercises to improve your movement.
  • Find-and-fix imbalances: You may assume that because you have a left side and a right side, a left leg and a right leg, etc that you’re basically balanced. Due to muscular or structural issues, you may have areas that are not working efficiently, or other areas doing more than their share. Your physical therapist can spot these imbalances and help you restore proper movement and work-load sharing to your muscle groups.
  • Improve pain: This reason alone is worth a Wellness Evaluation! We’ve talked before about studies showing physical therapy is just as, and often more, effective at reducing pain than painkiller medication for many issues. If you’re dealing with long-term pain and want a way to utilize your own body in feeling better, your physical therapist can help show you how.
  • Address concerns: You may have unique concerns about why your back hurts, why you end up with plantar fasciitis every summer, or how to tweak your running gait. Your physical therapist will discuss concerns like this during your Wellness Evaluation, and help you work toward resolving your problem.

Ready to make your health a priority? Schedule a Wellness Evaluation with a Body One physical therapist. We’re locally-owned and operated, and really enjoy serving the community we’re all part of -with three locations, you’ll find one to fit your needs: North Indianapolis, Fishers, and Zionsville. Don’t wait to put your health first, call Body One today!