Why Does My Body Do That? Questions Answered

Our bodies are ever-changing and experiencing interesting sounds and sensations. If you’ve ever wondered ‘why does my body do that?’ we have some answers:

Why do my knees make so much noise when I’m walking (especially upstairs)? While it may sound like your knees are filled with rice crispies, the sound you’re hearing is actually called creptius. That’s the official term for the popping, cracking, clicking, and other noises your knees make when you’re up and moving. You often notice this as you age; however, if it’s accompanied by pain, swelling, or problems moving, it’s important to seek the professional care of your Physical Therapist.

Why do my muscles hurt so much days after exercise? The pain that makes it so hard to move a day or two after new or strenuous exercise is called DOMs – delayed-onset muscle soreness. We know, it’s not very catchy. The pain is due to microscopic tears in the muscle (and often times, overdoing it). While you may not want to, gentle movement can help. Going for a walk, gentle stretching, and engaging muscles in a slow, controlled way can help ease your DOMS-related pain. If your pain is extreme, lasts longer than a few days, or you experience significant movement restriction, contact your Physical Therapist.


Why am I not seeing improvement? I work out all the time! We’ve said it before, our bodies are basically lazy – or to be kind, efficient. They’ll look for a shortcut and also get used to activity. Maybe running a mile used to be the hardest thing you could imagine, and now you barely feel it. You used to struggle with lifting 15 pound weights, and now you can move them with ease. If you find that you’re not seeing any training gains, it’s time to switch your routine. Try something new and shake things up! Throw your bored body a curve ball.

Why do some of my Physical Therapy exercises feel hard? It may not feel like much, but if you’re targeting muscles that aren’t used very often, you’ll notice that you’re working a lot harder to do a few repetitions of the exercise. You have larger muscle groups that you use all the time, but often we have to strengthen the smaller ones that are underutilized. You’ll definitely feel it when we work those – and you’ll get the benefit, too.


Why does my stomach get upset after exercise? For many active people, you’ll notice that your stomach becomes unsettled once you’ve finished that long run, your bike ride, your tough hike, etc. Basically, your body knows that you need circulation in your limbs more than your stomach, so blood is moved away from your stomach and toward your arms and legs – and all of this slows digestion. Once you slow down and stop, your body resumes it’s normal activity, and your stomach can suddenly feel unsettled. Try avoiding heavy or high-fiber meals prior to exercise.

Am I imagining things, or have I gotten shorter as I’ve aged? Unfortunately, you might actually have lost some height. As we age, the bones that make up our spinal vertebrae can lose density and become thinner. Over time, this means that you may lose some height. If you have more serious spinal problems, you can actually lose significant height (in inches). How to fight Father Time? Good, clean living. Exercise, eat right, and take care of your body. If you’re experiencing back problems or arthritis, talk to your Physical Therapist for more personalized tips on back care.


Why does my jaw pop when I open it? Sometimes joints just pop, and that includes the big joint connecting your jawbone to your skull, the temporomandibular (or TMJ). On the other hand, if your jaw often pops and also locks open, if you have frequent pain in your jaw, if you clench or grind your teeth, have frequent earaches, or other symptoms listed here , it’s time to talk to a Physical Therapist. TMD is dysfunction of your jaw joint and can be treated by physical therapy.


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