Think You Have to Wait for PT? Here’s Why You Can Go Now

As you begin to tackle projects and goals of the new year, one of those might be improving your health. For those who want to seek the expert care of a physical therapist, but have put it off expecting to need an appointment and referral process with a different doctor first – we have good news! Direct Access is the legislation that means you can call your physical therapist the same way that you call your family doctor, and schedule an appointment. Here’s what it is, how it works, and how it benefits you:

Direct Access:

The rules of Direct Access mean that you don’t have to go through a long process in order to get to your goal point. Instead of making an appointment with a primary care doctor, getting a referral, making an appointment with the physical therapist, and finally getting to see that PT, Direct Access cuts out the long wait time and that mess in the middle.

How it Works:

Simple! All you have to do is call your physical therapist and make an appointment. You have 42 days to see a PT before you need a referral, should more visits be necessary. As with your other medical providers, be sure to check with your insurance company for benefit information. At Body One Physical Therapy, our staff will work with your doctor’s office and insurance company if you need a referral for more visits after the 42 days elapse. 

The Benefits:

Since most physical therapists are doctors in one of several disciplines, they are able to assess injury/issues of the musculoskeletal system. Although many people think that a referring doctor or surgeon instructs the physical therapist on treatment, that isn’t the case: the physical therapist is an expert in his/her field who develops a custom treatment plan based on your unique condition and needs. By going directly to a physical therapist, you can receive quick injury assessment and immediately begin appropriate treatment with an expert – often where you’d likely end up, only minus a visit (or visits) with other providers which take up time and financial costs. Thanks to Direct Access you can save time, money, and get started on your recovery sooner!

If you’re ready to handle your health and have an injury or problem of the musculoskeletal system, Body One Physical Therapy is here to help. We’re locally-owned and operated, with three locations serving Central Indiana: North Indianapolis/Carmel, Fishers, and Zionsville. Because of Direct Access, you don’t have to wait – call Body One today and let’s get you on the road to better health this year!