Prepare & Recover Like a Pro

When we see the elite athletes climb the winner’s podium, or our favorite sports team celebrating a championship win, it’s easy to be impressed with their seemingly smooth achievement. Let’s face it, elite athletes (and even that guy at work who finished the office charity 5K in record time) make it look so easy. You can dismiss these accomplishments knowing that these pros are “born to run” or built to play football, and so on. Or can you? In fact, behind the scenes, there’s typically a whole team dedicated to helping these elites reach their potential – but you have access to one of their best weapons…and we share what it is (and how easily you can do it, too).

Prepare and Recover Like the Pros

You don’t have to be a world-class cyclist, champion swimmer, or pro basketball player to benefit from training and taking care of any physical problems the way they do. One of dedicated athletes’ biggest resources is access to physical therapy. By working with athletic trainers (who often have an overlap with physical therapists) and dedicated physical therapy, they’re able to recover from any sports-related injuries or issues that much faster. They’re also able to learn from experts how to move properly, work with their bodies, and head off potential injury. Guess what – you have that resource, too! 

Thanks to Direct Access, you don’t even have to see your regular doctor first: you can call and make an appointment directly with your PT for 42 days before needing a referral. If you’re looking to reach some bucket-list goals this year, starting with your annual PT check-up is a great foundation. Your physical therapist is an expert in the musculoskeletal system, and typically a doctor in one of several disciplines. Even elite athletes learn what their bodies do right, and what they could be doing better. Since our bodies take the path of least resistance, if a movement is easier (even if it’s detrimental), that’s what we’ll do. Your PT can identify improper movement patterns and how that could cause pain, injury, or movement problems; you’ll learn how to strengthen surrounding areas and move properly – whether you’re walking, running, swinging a golf club, baseball bat, or just want to garden this spring.

Many elite athletes also carry years of playing time and past sports-related injuries with them; staying on top of these issues is another job of the PT. If you’re dealing with old injuries, a “bad” (vs. your other, “good”) joint, or other issues, seeing a physical therapist is your first step to improvement. Although you may always have some level of movement restriction, or even discomfort, with physical therapy, you can expect to see some improvement. For the pros, that can mean the difference in a winning and losing season – for you, it could mean the difference between reaching your goals, staying active, or staying stuck.

At Body One Physical Therapy, you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to receive world-class care. Our team of caring, expert physical therapists works with clients of all ages and activity levels and we’d love to add you to our roster. Body One has three convenient locations serving Central Indiana: North Indianapolis/Carmel, Fishers, and Zionsville. If this is the year you set some big goals, we’re behind you all the way. If you just want to feel better in your daily routine, we’re here for that, too. Call us today and find out why Body One is Indy’s top PT practice.