Put Your Plans Into Action – With PT

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’d love to do that, but I can’t because of my back (or knee, or hip, etc.).”? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. Belief is powerful: if you believe that you can’t run because of your hip, or can’t hike because of your back, you likely can’t and most importantly, won’t. The reality is that many people can do things despite having “bad” joints or muscle groups…but it does require some work and some belief.

Knowledge (of Your Body) is Power

Where did you get the idea you can’t? Did someone forbid you? Sometimes medical professionals will limit activities to prevent future injury, and it’s a good idea to listen – but even in these cases, learning what you can continue doing to stay active is important. More often, we limit ourselves. We run and feel pain, so we decide “That’s it, I can’t run.” We swim and feel discomfort in our hip and think, “Well, it’s out of the pool for me!” In these cases, our beliefs keep us limited and also keep us from getting better.

Question Your Condition

We get it. Pain isn’t fun, and no one likes it; however, next time you feel pain remind yourself: pain is useful. Your body is telling you that something is wrong, off-kilter, out of whack, and your body’s “service soon” light is on and blinking. Ask yourself, is this something you should resign yourself to? The answer, almost always, is no. Most of the time, even if your issue cannot be fully healed it can almost always be improved by working with a highly-skilled,expert: a physical therapist.

Why PT?

One reason that a physical therapist can make the difference where other treatments may have fallen short is that PT treats the underlying reasons for your problem. Sometimes a physical therapist has to be like a good detective, following clues and tracing evidence back to the culprit. Example: you’re sure that your back pain is bad news and that invasive procedures are in your future. You’ve limited activities to avoid provoking pain, and put off any appointments because you dread what they’ll find. Meanwhile, a physical therapist tells you that actually, your hips are so tight your back is carrying way more of the load, causing pain. Instead, a recovery program including targeted, regular stretching will relieve your back pain – no surgery needed.

Physical therapists are also expert educators, telling you what’s going on, why, how we plan to improve it, and prevent it from happening again. Tell your PT that you can’t run/hike/bike/swim and s/he’ll ask why you think that. Even if s/he agrees, your physical therapist can give you healthy alternatives to keep you active. In this case, believing in your PT’s game plan can be what makes the difference in your active lifestyle.

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