Proudly Independent: Our Story Just Ahead of the July 4th Weekend

As we approach July 4th and a long weekend of relaxation, many of us will celebrate Independence Day with friends and family with things like: cookouts, outings, a trip to the lake, gardening, an extra nap or two, and (weather permitting) the obligatory fireworks display. Perhaps some of us will reflect on our independence, particularly in light of world events. As Americans, we share a special pride in our Independence and self-determination in terms of where we travel, where and how we live, what we do for a living, who we love, how we vote, and how we choose to spend our free time. We rail against constraint, and relish doing our own thing. July 4th is a special time to show our pride and celebrate the Independence that we continue to enjoy 246 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

In that same spirit of Independence, Body One Physical Therapy was launched 20 years ago, on July 2, 2002. Our goals were modest: to provide high quality physical therapy to patients in Central Indiana, and determine by ourselves the best way to do so. In our minds that includes one-on-one time with each patient, mindfulness of the privacy and safety concerns of patients, maintaining a welcoming environment, providing insightful and evidence-based care, and continuous training to maintain and update our skills. Over the past 20 years we have undergone many organizational and procedural changes with growth and maturity of our organization, but one thing remains paramount to our mission: to provide the best possible care to each patient, every day, with the goal of getting you back to an active life sooner.

We are proud of our 20 years and humbled by the continued support that we receive from you, our patients, and the hundreds of physicians and other providers that recommend our services. Each month we are happy to see former patients return for ‘booster shots’ of therapy or care for another condition, as well as friends and family who have recommended our services. The loyalty of patients and referral sources are a particular source of pride and we are always mindful that you have other options, and grateful that you choose Body One for your care. Lastly, the connections that we have made, and continue to make, in the communities that we serve have resulted in many lasting friendships and professional relationships.

After 20 years of service in Central Indiana we are determined to remain independent to serve your needs for physical therapy, fitness, and recovery services. If you or someone you know is in need of our services, we have 15 physical therapists eager to serve you in our three convenient Northside Indianapolis practice locations. Enjoy your Independence Day, and if you have a moment, reflect on the many blessings afforded by that Independence. And be Proud!