How to Stay Injury-Free During Golf Season

If the weather cooperates, summer provides plenty of daylight to get some time in at your favorite golf course. Unfortunately, the more time you spend in your favorite pursuit, you’re also more likely to see some flare ups of common golf-related injury.

For a game that non-golfers often wrongly assume isn’t very physically demanding, golf can cause its share of injury. You don’t even have to be a pro to get bitten by the injury bug, golf fans and weekend warriors all share a higher risk of injuries like:

  • Back pain
  • Elbow pain (“golf elbow”)
  • Knee pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain/injury
  • Wrist pain/injury

Think about the movement of your swing, and all the rotation you put your body through. No wonder you may end up with back pain or even rotator cuff problems! Now imagine how many times you make the same motion throughout a round of golf, and however many rounds you play each week, month, or season and you’ll see how you can end up with some major sore spots.

The Fix

The problem for many golfers is overuse, just like in other sports – forcing your body through the same motion until something gives (and spoiler: sometimes it’s you!). The good news is that whether you’re dealing with a flare up of golfer’s elbow or back pain, and if it’s overuse, bad form (or both) there are ways to reduce your discomfort and prevent future problems!

  1. Rest: if you’re dealing with a lot of pain, especially pain that bothers you at night, take time off and give your body a break,
  1. Stretch/Ice: you can try gentle stretching and ice to ease any discomfort.
  2. See a Physical Therapist: a physical therapist can evaluate your pain/injury and work with you to address any underlying issues and/or the likely cause/s. Your PT will also develop a custom treatment plan based on your unique needs.

At Body One, we actually offer a program specifically for golfers. In fact, Dr. Matt Zaudtke is certified as a Titleist Performance Institute expert. Our golf program is designed to address the specific unique needs of golfers with methods like:

  • Swing mechanics
  • Video analysis with PT
  • Functional movement assessment
  • Faulty movement pattern identification
  • Balance/strength/flexibility assessment
  • Pre/post golf stretch instruction

…and more

The exact plan depends on which Golf Program you choose, based on your needs. To find out which program is a good fit for you, read more here or call Body One’s North Meridian location. While we can’t promise your golf game will improve, we’ll say that once you improve your form and how you feel, it’s a definite possibility!

Whether you’re a golfer needing help or you have a totally different issue of the musculoskeletal system, Body One Physical Therapy is ready to get you moving! We’re locally-owned and operated, with three locations serving Central Indiana: North Indianapolis, Fishers, and Zionsville. Don’t let discomfort, pain, and movement issues rule your life: call us and let us get you back to the life you deserve!