How to Prevent & Deal with Injury While Tackling Your Summer To-Do List

It’s finally summer! In addition to nicer weather, cook outs, and time spent outside, it often means getting caught up on outdoor to-do lists. Summertime is typically when people try tackling those long-overdue weekend projects – and can get injured in the process! We share some common scenarios and how to keep from winding up injured this summer.

Project Time!

What summer is complete without wandering the aisles at the home improvement stores and finally taking on that outdoor idea you’ve been waiting to finish? Projects like: building a deck, staining a deck or fence, adding a decorative pond, adding mulch or stone to your garden, etc. These are just some common home improvement projects for many home-owners. Even mowing the lawn can be added to the list, because you can end up sore or even injured if you push-mow your lawn.

The Problem

The main problem is that people tend to tackle too big of a project in too short of a time frame. Most people decide to get up early on a Saturday and get as much done between Saturday morning and  Sunday evening. That doesn’t leave much time to rest or recover from your efforts: and some of the bigger projects may mean you’ll use muscle groups that don’t see a lot of work. Repetitive movements like painting, climbing, hammering, etc can irritate your wrists, shoulders, arms, legs, etc. It’s another case of doing too much, too fast, too soon.

The Solution

Spread out your work! If you’re adding a new landscaping feature, give yourself multiple weekends and add in some nights after work if possible.

If you wake up too sore to move, you’ve done too much. Back off, take an easy rest day, and hit it hard once you limber up.

Treat your work like a work out. Be sure and hydrate, stretch, and give yourself time to rest/recover.

Enlist help! As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.” Ask a friend or family member to pitch in and lighten your load.

If you’re bothered by persistent pain or had a specific acute injury, turn to a pro. Make an appointment with a physical therapist to be evaluated and get on top of it. Thanks to direct-access, you can call and make an appointment just as you would with your regular doctor. Your PT’s office will work with your doctor and insurance if a referral is needed for more visits.

Whether you hurt your back gardening, or if you have a totally different problem, Body One Physical Therapy is here to help you recover! We’re locally-owned and operated, with three locations serving Central Indiana: North Indianapolis, Fishers, and Zionsville. Call today and get on the road to your recovery!