The Indy Mini Marathon: The Biggest Half-Marathon in the U.S.

minimarathonThousands of people set running or walking the 13.1 miles of the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini- Marathon as one of their New Year’s resolutions – and you may even be one of them! But if you’re planning on participating in the Mini this May, shouldn’t you know a little bit about this famous race and its history?

Fun fact: according to numerous sources, averaging over 35,000 participants, the Indy Mini is the United State’s largest half-marathon! Called the “greatest spectacle in racing” -just like the Indy 500 itself – this race isn’t just the largest half-marathon in the country, but also makes the list fore top five largest in the world.

So while training for the Mini, although you may train alone or even in a group – be prepared to run with a large number of people and for potential slow downs behind other runners. The Mini isn’t just a fun and healthy event for runners and walkers, but it’s also a  huge local economy booster. According to the 500 Festival’s Economic Impact, the Mini and associated festival is estimated to have brought in more than $350 million since the beginning in 1957! In 2015 alone the Mini Marathon brought in over $20 million.

You may even end up running with one of the greats… U.S. Olympic runners like Meb Keflighizi have graced the same route you’ll enjoy in May. While you might not start at the very front of the pack, keep your eyes peeled for that group of runners who start in Corral A. The elite group will sport highly competitive runners who will finish well ahead of a two-hour half-marathon finishing time.

Indiana weather in May is always unpredictable. One memorable Mini Marathon start was so cold runners wore winter gear and a few years back it rained almost constantly. When you plan your clothing for the Mini, be prepared to dress in loose layers and possible rain gear. The Indy Mini also prepares for participants with hydration/fuel stations, so if you don’t bring your own (hydration pack and small snack) you’ll be able to stop along the route and grab something to drink or eat.

The mission of the 500 Festival, including the Mini, is to produce life-enriching events and programs while celebrating the spirit and legacy of the Indianapolis 500 and fostering positive impact on the city of Indianapolis and state of Indiana. One of the highlights of the Mini-Marathon is running a lap around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and crossing the Yard of Bricks – many runners will stop to kiss the bricks and take a picture! From bands, to school groups, to cheer squads: tons of entertainment on the route means you’ll never feel uninspired as you cover the 13.1 miles of the Indy Mini Marathon route.

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