Did You Know? Facts about Physical Therapy and The Body

While we know how much physical therapy can improve your life, and tons of different tips and tricks about the musculoskeletal system, it’s understandable if you don’t! After all, you’re most likely not spending as much time seeing injury, treatment, and recovery as we do. We came up with a helpful list of interesting facts about both the body and PT:

Did You Know…?

Pain at night can be indicative of a more serious problem or injury. If you have pain that wakes you up or keeps you from falling asleep, that’s something to get checked out.

Physical therapists are typically doctors, usually in one of several disciplines (sports medicine, physical therapy, etc).

Where you feel pain may not be what’s causing the problem – and finding the real root of your problem is a mystery we’re great at solving! Example: You feel pain in your heel but it’s triggered by tight calf muscles. Example: You feel pain in your back but it’s caused by inflexibility and tight hips.

Physical therapists don’t follow a “plan” from your doctor. We develop a plan based on our own exam and assessment.

You may feel just as much relief from physical therapy as you do from taking pain medication. New studies encourage more PT and less reliance on meds for reducing pain.

Being overly flexible (“bendy” in our terms) can cause issues, just like being inflexible. Learning what to strengthen and support can ensure being bendy doesn’t cause problems down the road.

Modern life might be giving you a (real) headache and/or neck ache! Staring at laptops, computer monitors, and phone screens has begun to take a toll on people – and it’s called “tech neck.” We can help fix that (but not your screen time).

A large percent of acute (sudden onset) injuries are from overuse/overtraining. That means lots of people do too much, too soon, and too often. Learning a safe way to do your favorite things can save you a lot of time spent recovering from doing it the wrong way.

You can experience pain/injury when a muscle or area is overcompensating for one that’s weaker. By strengthening the weak area and having it do its job, you spread the work load out and reduce the stress and injury risk.

You don’t need a referral to see a physical therapist. Thanks to direct access, you can make an appointment by calling, just like with your regular doctor. If you need future visits or a referral for insurance, the PT’s office typically works with your insurance and doctor’s office.


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