Are You Ready to Hit the Links?

by Matthew Zaudtke, PT, DPT, ATC, OCS

As the temperature begins to warm, many golfers dust off their clubs and prepare for an exciting season of golf. Some play the occasional round here and there, while others hit the range any time the weather allows. No matter how often you hit the “links”, prevention of injury should be a top priority.

 Golf injuries vary from low back pain to heel pain to elbow pain. Given the whole-body movement involved in golf, it is not surprising to hear about the range of injuries that occur. A simple “dynamic” warm up prior to playing or practicing at the range could be the difference. Some simple movements included in this warm up are:

  1. Lunges
  2. Walking Knee to Chest
  3. Hamstring Kick Outs
  4. Trunk Rotation with Club

A well-rounded assessment of your golf swing and movement patterns can help identify areas of weakness and help prevent injury while playing the game you love. For more information on how Body One Physical Therapy can assist you in assessing your movement and providing a custom injury prevention and fitness program, please visit: