A Body One Series: Myth Busting Part II

By: Dr. Jenny Kern


There are many common myths about physical therapy that you may have heard, and we’re here to bust them! In each myth-busting article, you’ll learn the reality behind common misconceptions – and the way physical therapy really works and works to help you get better.

My shoulder feels a little stiff. You’re a physical therapist; can’t you just give me a massage?” 

It’s a question that almost every physical therapist has heard from family and friends at one point or another. We can often laugh it off, but the underlying issue is not that our friends want a free massage but that many people don’t fully understand the depth of physical therapy. There are plenty of common myths about PT that you’ve probably heard, and here are a couple of them:

Myth #3: All I need is manual therapy to get better.


Manual therapy is never a stand-alone treatment. It’s a component to a successful treatment, but the true success is going to come from a combination of retraining muscles, building strength, and committing to an active lifestyle. Manual therapy may feel good in session, but the lasting relief will come from the exercises and activities in which you participate.

Myth #4: Once therapy is done I don’t need to continue exercises. 


The concept of PT isn’t to provide a short-term treatment for a long-term fix. Think about maintenance on a car. You can’t just get your oil changed one time and expect it to run perfectly for 200,000 miles, right? Same goes for your body. You have to continually provide “maintenance” to your body. The exercises your PT gives to you are to help build a foundation of strength and flexibility and to promote you to continue building on those blocks. Your PT doesn’t just give you exercises; they also provide knowledge on how to continue best caring for your body. And that doesn’t stop when you “graduate” from PT. It’s a life-long commitment to a healthier you!

Physical therapy has a lot more substance than just a massage or a couple of short-term stretches. Your physical therapist has extensive knowledge of the human body, and their goal is to help you improve your body and mindset to be the best you that you can be. Contact your physical therapist to discuss your struggles and goals to see if right now is the time for you to start PT! Body One PT is locally-owned and operated, with three locations serving Central Indianapolis:North Indy/Carmel,Fishers, and Zionsville. Call today to find out how PT can help you!