What is a Functional Movement Screen?

152220799Success in athletic performance is dependent on a number of factors. Most of us are very aware of the skills necessary to compete in a variety of sporting activities. For example, if we can’t dribble a basketball, it is hard to imagine that we could be very good at playing basketball. Coaches and other sport-specific experts help develop the skills necessary for competing in a sport.  Performance or capacity activities are another aspect of athletic performance, which include strength, power, and endurance. Athletes must have the physical strength to compete with other athletes, and must have the endurance to perform the tasks of the sport for a length of time. Improving an athlete’s strength through weight lifting, or improving endurance by running sprints or setting up a structured running program is the responsibility of personal or team trainers. However, the base of all athletic performance is movement.

Movement is the foundation of all athletic performance and it is imperative for success in all sports. In order to properly train performance (ie. strength and endurance) and improve skills to excel at a sport, the athlete must move properly. In the absence of proper movement, the body will compensate and be at risk for injury and limit its ability to accomplish maximum athletic performance.

Identifying movement deficiencies is a critical aspect for proper performance training.  Implementing this component into a training program will help the athlete reduce compensations during movement, and thereby improve performance and skill development. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a structured screening process that is designed to determine the greatest areas of movement deficiency and identify asymmetries of the body. By identifying the deficiencies or asymmetries through the screening process, the athlete can be given specific areas to address during their training.  This process will enable the athlete get the most out of their training program.

Body One Physical Therapy can help you accomplish your fitness and training goals by performing a Functional Movement Screen and discussing the results with you and your trainer. Give us a call at Body One Physical Therapy and maximize your training results!