Want to Prevent Muscle & Joint Injury? Pay Attention to These Warning Signs

For many people, by the time they reach a physical therapist’s office, the point for preventing an injury or issue has been passed on the road awhile ago. There were probably some warning signs missed, maybe times when things could have turned around, and then the injury or musculoskeletal issue became something that needed a pro’s help. The good news is, physical therapy is great for helping prevent injury/issues of the musculoskeletal system – as well as treating them. Here are some warning signs to look for to help prevent small problems from getting larger:

Movement problems: Are you having a harder time with certain movements: like looking up, turning around, etc? If moving has gotten harder, or if you have pain/discomfort with movement this is a sign that your muscles and connective tissue aren’t working as well together as they should. 

Loss of flexibility: This goes along with movement problems. You may notice that you feel stiff, and if you try to stretch, you can’t move as far or as easily as you used to. Maybe you’ve noticed this when you exercise or if you warm up before activity. Losing flexibility as you age is common, but not inevitable if you work on it.

Having a “bad” joint: If you have a good knee and a bad knee, shoulder, elbow, or other joint, then you have something that could work better. Even if you’ve dealt with this problem part for years, working on it with a physical therapist could likely give you more mobility and less discomfort.

Limited activity: Have you given up things you like to do because your body isn’t cooperating? While there are times our bodies prevent us from engaging in activities, especially after injury, by working with a PT, you should be able to determine what you’re able to do and work toward a healthy, active lifestyle.

Fear of injury: We’ve discussed the fear-avoidance trap before. Fear-avoidance is the cycle in which you’re afraid of injury, so you limit movement, activity, or certain activities; in some cases the limited activity actually can cause a higher injury risk because you lose strength, flexibility, and mobility. It can be a vicious cycle – the lack of activity and movement tends to feed on itself and reinforce the belief that you’ll become injured. A physical therapist is great for helping you break the cycle and regain lost strength, flexibility, movement, and confidence.

If you’ve noticed these warning signs, if you’re limiting your life due to pain or movement issues, or if you want to prevent injury, call Body One Physical Therapy. We’re both locally-owned and operated, with three locations serving Central Indiana: North Indianapolis, Fishers, and Zionsville. Our team of caring, expert physical therapists works with clients of all ages and activity levels and we’d love to get you on the road to feeling your best. Don’t live with limits, call Body One and schedule your appointment today! We also offer free injury screening at each location.