Shopping for the Holidays? Seven Things The Active People in Your Life Would Love…

The holiday season can be hectic, and if you’re like most people there just aren’t enough hours in the day to finish your gift-buying to-do list. Do you have someone on your list who seems impossible to shop for? We put together a list of great ideas for the active people in your life. Whether they’re a fitness fanatic, weekend warrior, or working on getting in shape, you can find something they’ll appreciate!

Wireless Headphones

Because face it, no one wants to deal with wires! You can find pairs as inexpensive as $20 on Amazon, as well as higher-end models like Bose ($149.00). Want to go truly wireless? Spring for a pair of wire-free earbuds; the options and brands are endless – from Apple’s Airpods ($159.00) for iPhone users, to lesser-known brands on Amazon that function with iPhone or Android products for $50.00.

Hydration Pack

If you’re shopping for any endurance athletes, chances are they’d appreciate a new hydration pack. From runners to triathletes to cyclists, bringing water along is a challenge that a hydration pack can solve. Camelbak offers its back-pack style line in a wide range of volume/sizes: from 50 oz., 85 oz., 100 oz. Some models even feature a safety-whistle as part of the chest latch. In the hydration game, there are lots of styles; you can also find waist packs, vests, and even hand-held hydration bottles.

Specialty Socks

Okay, we know – but this is one time that someone might be excited to get socks as a gift! If you have any runners on your list, consider buying a pair or two of specialty runner socks. These socks are designed to wick moisture, decrease friction, and prevent blisters – all important in the daily life of your favorite runner. One specialty brand: Balega socks feature a unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers designed for comfort and durability. They’ll set you back about $15 a pair, but they’re well worth it to avoid pain and blisters.

Subscription to Premium Music App

If your loved ones spend time working out, riding solo, or hitting the road, they likely take music with them. There are plenty of great apps that offer free music service but limited listening without a deluge of annoying ads. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling your energy tanking right as a commercial comes on! Give the gift of endless skips and no commercials for your favorite fitness fan! Apps like Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, RockMyRun, and others all have premium features available.

Fitness Tracker

If you know your loved one is hankering for a new watch, now might be the time to help him/her upgrade. You can find plenty of great fitness watches this time of year. For runners, Garmin has a large line of watches designed to track every metric possible, including smart watches that track heart rate, sleep, and all your run data. The standard fitness buff may enjoy a newer-model Fitbit; they track steps, sleep, heart-rate, and have smartphone notifications, among other features. For iPhone users, the Apple Watch can connect to your fitness apps and also work with your iPhone to send texts, check email, and more.

A Better Golf Game

What golfer wouldn’t want to have a better game this year? Body One Physical Therapy has developed our Golf Program, following the Titleist Performance Institute philosophy. The Golf Program is available in several different packages, so you can find the right one for your favorite golfer. Designed to evaluate, assess, and improve the mechanics of the golfer, the Body One Golf Program may lead to some great days on the links. See more about our Titleist Certified program here .

Ice, Ice Baby

If you’re visiting one of the four Body One Physical Therapy locations, you can pick up a soft, flexible ice pack for yourself and for someone on your holiday shopping list! We offer both heat/cold packs (that can be heated or kept in the freezer) and ice-only packs. Both styles of ice packs are flexible and easy to wrap around sore body parts. They’re great for after physical therapy or even after a tough day at the gym. This is the kind of gift that you’ll definitely appreciate once you need it!

Body One Physical Therapy wants to make sure you have a happy and healthy holiday season this year! With our four locations serving Central Indiana, you’re sure to find one that fits your busy schedule: North Indianapolis, South Indianapolis, Fishers, and Zionsville. If you’re not feeling your best and are holding on to pain, discomfort, immobility, and more, give us a call. Our team of highly-trained, expert providers is ready to help. We work with clients of all ages and activity levels, and we’re ready to help you get back to the life you deserve. Call Body One Physical Therapy today!