Runner’s Knee Can Strike Anyone! How to Handle this Painful Problem

Think you’re safe from so-called runner’s knee because you aren’t a runner? Think again! It might as well be called “painful knee” or “chair knee” because plenty of non-runners suffer from this painful, irritating condition. We give you the scoop on this often-vague knee issue and how to deal with it if you’re already suffering.

Not Just for Runners

It may be called runner’s knee because plenty of runners experience it, but so do other active people…and not-so-active people. The reality is that sitting for prolonged periods of time with a bent knee can also irritate your knee. While not a specific diagnosis, runner’s knee is more of a catch-all term for general knee pain that’s located at or around the knee-cap. It’s often made worse with bending, crouching, jumping, running, and going up or down stairs. (There are other knee injuries/conditions that can cause similar pain, so it’s a good idea to have a pro like a physical therapist check you out.)

Runner’s Knee Causes

According to WebMD, runner’s knee has its roots in plenty of causes, some of which you can’t do much about. Factors like: flat feet, how you walk/run (pronation), tight or weak quads, overuse, misalignment with your major leg bones, and deteriorating cartilage can all contribute to the risks of experiencing runner’s knee.

Treatment for Runner’s Knee

If you have a mild case, your runner’s knee can occasionally calm down with some conservative at-home treatment. Rest, avoiding activity that worsens pain, wrapping your knee, and icing it can all be beneficial. To really improve the condition of your knee, it’s better to treat the underlying cause and not the symptom: make an appointment with a physical therapist so s/he can evaluate your knee and any contributing problems of your musculoskeletal system. Your physical therapist will then create a treatment plan in order to strengthen your knee and the surrounding structures, to help reduce pain and improve healing. You’ll also learn the best way to prevent further injury and avoid ending up with another bout of runner’s knee! With direct access, you can make an appointment with your physical therapist just like your doctor – and without a referral first. If more appointments or a referral are needed, the PT’s office will work with your insurance and your doctor’s office. You can save time by seeing a physical therapist directly and get a jump on your healing.

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