PT Month: Physical Therapy – The Place For Handling Pain

Pain comes in a variety of forms, and as much as you might wish you didn’t have it, pain serves an important purpose. If you’ve suffered an acute injury, pain alerts you. If you’re dealing with chronic pain from old injury, accident, or other causes, pain is the (irritating) reminder that you have a condition to deal with. People routinely put off making an appointment out of fear: fear that their injury is worse than they expect, fear that they’ll be limited, fear that there is something terribly wrong, fear that the treatment – whatever it is – will be worse than the problem itself. Physical therapy offers a unique approach to dealing with pain, and this month we share why PT may be the best place to handle pain…

PT is unique in that it is treatment that is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Addresses contributing factors, i.e., tight muscles, strength imbalances, etc.
  • Needs your participation for best results
  • Can be as effective as, and is safer than, prescription pain medication

When You Go to Physical Therapy

When you meet with your physical therapist, you’ll undergo an initial assessment which includes a written questionnaire as well as a physical exam. Your physical therapist will make an assessment as well as recommendations for your treatment which may include both manual (hands-on) treatment, and exercises you’ll do on your own. If you need additional tests, such as imaging, or to see a particular other type of specialist, your PT will recommend that. During your physical therapy, you’ll work toward improvement, with periodic assessments to mark your progress. Ultimately, you’ll graduate from your treatment and be ready to go, often feeling better with notable improvement. While no physical therapist can guarantee you’ll be 100% pain-free, they almost always see improvement with their clients. Your PT is also a terrific source of knowledge, who can help set your mind at ease. S/he will educate you about your condition and the best way to treat it, as well as ways you can impact your own progress. Fear is a very real part of pain and injury, and a physical therapist is a great resource for helping you understand your situation and work toward recovery.

A Healthy Choice for Pain Management

For issues such as chronic pain, physical therapy might not initially seem warranted; however, by improving range-of-motion, flexibility, strength, and more, you’ll likely find that your discomfort also decreases. Unlike prescription pain medication, which offers only temporary relief and carries the risk of dependency and health concerns, physical therapy is a safe and healthy way to manage pain. You can utilize knowledge your physical therapist shares with you to help limit your discomfort and also work on improvement at home.

Did You Know?

Did you know that physical therapy can also be your first stop? Thanks to direct access laws, you have 42 days to see a physical therapist without a referral. At Body One, our office will work with your insurance and doctor’s office should a referral be necessary for further treatment. A PT is an expert in the musculoskeletal system who is typically a doctor in one of several disciplines: s/he can assess and determine the nature of your problem as well as the best course of action.

Are you ready to start feeling better? Don’t let fear stand in your way: call Body One today. Our team of dedicated, caring professionals is ready to help you live with less pain. Body One is both locally-owned and operated, with three locations serving Central Indiana: North Indianapolis, Fishers, and Zionsville. Don’t resign yourself to hurting when help is available – make your appointment now.