How a Physical Therapist Can Help Once the Injury Bug Bites You

The “injury bug” can bite anyone – whether you’re fit and enjoying your usual weekend workout or whether you’re taking up a new hobby. Of course, no one wants to be sitting on the couch when they’d rather be on their bike or hitting the hiking trails; however, using the opportunity to figure out why the injury bug bit you might make you less likely to end up nursing future aches and pains. Our advice is to meet with a professional physical therapist who can do the following:

Be your detective: Your PT can help you trace what you were doing and how you were doing it. Also by watching you move, your physical therapist can identify muscle, strength, or balance deficits that could have paved the road to your current injury. By correcting these imbalances now, you’ll be far less more likely to avoid injury next time.

Tailor your training: Once you’re on the road to recovery, your PT can help you safely transition back into your regular fitness routine. By following his/her skilled and knowledgeable advice, you can bet that you’ll be in better hands than if you jumped in where you left off. Many people do too much, too soon and end up re-injuring themselves and back at square one. Follow your PT’s guidelines to get back to your former fitness level.

Spot other issues: Although your physical therapist is helping you with your injury recovery, s/he may also notice other areas of weakness which need improvement. Your PT can address any other problems s/he finds during your treatment and prevent problems you may never have seen coming!

Educate you: Your physical therapist has the benefit of many years’ education and training, so be sure to let this knowledge work to your advantage! By paying attention to your PT’s diagnosis, advice, and recovery plan, you’ll learn how to best recover and also how to protect yourself. Your PT is a veritable font of knowledge – spend your time wisely and ask important questions which will help you heal!

Discover the root of your problem: After working with you, your physical therapist may discover that while you have pain and injury in one area, the problem is actually weakness in an area of your body that you’d never suspected. Many clients are surprised to learn that to fix one injury they have to strengthen supportive muscles which may not appear to be connected (but which clearly are to your PT). While it may not make sense to you, if your PT thinks your weak hips are why your knee is suffering, pay attention and do your exercises!

Of course, the best treatment is prevention. That’s one reason that Body One Physical Therapy developed our Sustained Optimal Performance program. Our trained provider will meet with you and assess any areas of weakness or imbalance and develop a personally-tailored program to improve your strength and overall health. Although this is a cash-based program, it may qualify under your HSA for distribution of payment under health and wellness services. If you are already suffering with pain and/or injury, don’t hesitate – call us today and one of our expert physical therapists will be happy to help get you started on your recovery. Body One is locally-owned with three locations serving central Indiana:  North Indianapolis, Zionsville, and Fishers. Call us today and don’t let the injury bug keep you down!