Practical Exercises You Can Do In Minutes

With the early morning rush, a full day at work, back home again, complete with commute, plus pets/kids, after-work commitments, and beyond – it’s easy to see how many people simply feel too busy for exercise. Since we can’t add any more hours to your day (sorry?), we can make use of the time you do have with some easy, practical exercises almost anyone can do – no matter how busy.

Change Your Thinking, Not Your Schedule

Sometimes, there really are days that don’t allow for even one more thing to be squeezed in: you just can’t stop for a yoga class, fit a 30 minute run in, or go for a brisk walk at lunch. For those days, we suggest changing your thinking, instead of your schedule. Are you stuck at your desk on the phone? There’s some time. Are you waiting for the bus? More time. Are you finishing up lunch? Still more time! Utilize the time you have, and practice these practical exercises:

  • Squats. You can do them anytime, anywhere – using just your own body weight. Plant your feet shoulder’s width apart, tighten your core, and squat until your rear touches your office chair. Try for 3 sets of 10 – or more if you’re comfortable and have extra time.
  • Stretch your calves. Those dress shoes may have your calves feeling sore by mid-morning, and you can easily stretch your calves while you’re waiting for an appointment or finishing up lunch. Facing forward, take one large step back with one foot, and put the weight into your rear heel. Now, lean forward slowly, bending your front knee, but keeping your rear leg straight and your rear heel on the ground. Hold for 15-30 seconds for each leg.
  • Posture check. Your posture has a lot to do with your health and how you feel by the end of the day. While you’re working at your desk, do a quick posture check. Are you slouching? Is your chin tucked down? Are you unconsciously clenching your jaw? Correct your posture by imagining a string on top of your head is being pulled, pulling you upright Loosen your jaw and raise your chin.  
  • Park farther away/take the stairs. Throw a little extra movement in your day by parking farther away from the door, guaranteeing you’ll have to make a brisk walk in. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to add another bit of cardio into your work day.
  • Modified Push Ups. Using your office desk or other sturdy surface, you can try some modified push ups. Raise and lower yourself for three sets of ten.
  • Plank. If you have even 30 seconds available before you eat dinner or go to bed, try a plank. You can plank to the side by bracing yourself on one arm/elbow, tightening your core, and holding your hip off the ground, with your heel (or knee for a shorter plank) touching. For a front plank, brace yourself on both hands, tighten your core, and have your toes (or knees and elbows – for a shorter plank) touch. Hold for 30 seconds.

The next time you know you won’t have time for your usual workout, you’ll also know you definitely have time for some practical, simple exercises that benefit your body! It may not be the hour-long spin class or five-mile run you’d like, but when you’re pressed for time, something is better than nothing when it comes to moving your body.

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