How to Prepare for the Mini Marathon

Preparing for a half marathon is no easy task. If you’re preparing for the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon then you have a few weeks left to train. To make sure you’ll be ready May 7th take a look at this list to get ready for your best half marathon yet.


Look Down

It’s time to finalize on the shoes—and socks— you’ll be wearing during the marathon. The selected shoes should be fairly lightweight and give you lots of support. If you’ve purchased new shoes it’s a good idea to take them on at least one 5-mile run at marathon pace. The test will determine the likelihood of blisters or developing sore feet too early. If the shoes bother you on this run, it’s time to return them and get another pair.


Mimic the Course

Begin doing runs with similar topography as the Mini Marathon. It may seem flat, but you will notice the subtle elevation changes after you have been running for a while. By mimicking the course, your muscles will get adjusted to the course before the race and will decrease day-of exhaustion. Plus, running a course similar to the Mini will give you a better idea on your finish time.


Drink on the Run

Practice on your remaining semi-long and long runs with the drinks you intend to consume during the Mini. Sports drinks are more beneficial during mini marathons than water because they provide fluid, carbohydrates and electrolytes. Tip: call ahead and find out what kind of sports drink will be provided during the race and the distance between aid stations.


Dress the Part

To be the most comfortable during the Mini run in clothes made of Coolmax or nylon. Your body will be able to breath and stay cooler for longer. Once you’ve selected your marathon outfit run at least one semi-long run in it to be sure that they are comfortable.


Run a Dress Rehearsal

Four or five days before the Mini do a dress rehearsal in your outfit and shoes. Imagine yourself running the OneAmerica 500 Mini Marathon strong and relaxed. Not only will it boost your confidence but it’ll also provide one last bit of conditioning before race days. The more times you can do this, the better.


Finally, remember to allow yourself to feel accomplished. Preparing and running the Mini Marathon is not easy. Keep in mind that the discomfort and pain is temporary but pride with completion lasts forever.