Did You Know? How Physical Therapy Can Help

When many people think of physical therapy, they may picture rehab after surgery or their favorite athlete needing treatment to return to the game. Yet, did you know that physical therapy can help with a whole host of pain, movement, mobility, and other issues that have nothing to do with an accident or injury? Seeing a PT can be a great way to learn about how your golf swing is improper and you’re likely to hurt your elbow, for instance. Seeing a PT is also a great way to improve problems for those who suffer from TMJ! You’ve probably heard of vertigo, but did you know that many physical therapists are trained to help alleviate it (depending on the cause)? Here are some ways your PT can improve your life, no injury or season-ending disaster required…

Assess & Correct Movement Issues

Let’s say you’re an avid tennis player, but are worried that you’re getting older and your serve isn’t as powerful. Will you end up injured like your doubles partner? A physical therapist can assess your movement and range-of-motion and even look at (in this case) how you might serve a ball. S/he can then work with you in the office and/or with at-home exercises on improving flexibility and strength, which can pay off in terms of both injury risk reduction and even your game!

Help Prevent Falls

Falls in the elderly are a huge cause of concern and a major cause of injury and even death. Many elderly individuals find themselves with limited mobility caused by age or other factors and here again, a PT is a terrific resource. A PT can work with the client to improve strength, coordination, balance, and confidence in movement. In many cases, older people will become afraid of falls and limit their movement which creates a vicious cycle; a PT can break that cycle by increasing the patient’s ability to move and confidence in doing so.

Improve TMJ

TMJ affects the major joint of the jaw and can cause pain, headaches, a locked jaw, and all-around misery, among other symptoms. Poor posture, teeth clenching (during sleep or stress), and a host of other factors can be to blame but no matter the cause, the sufferers can use the help of a qualified physical therapist. A PT can help work with you to get your jaw back to doing its job instead of doing its best to ruin your day. S/he may use a variety of techniques to improve movement and lessen pain including manipulation as well as education and at-home exercises.

Assist With Vertigo

Vertigo is basically the sensation of being dizzy, only on steroids – that is to say, it’s often much more severe and for some sufferers, truly debilitating. For many people with vertigo, it can be caused by tiny “crystals” in the inner ear getting out of place which disrupts the normal sense of balance. A trained PT can perform specific maneuvers to gently return the inner ear to its normal function (and you to your normal, upright position).

There are many ways a physical therapist can benefit you that don’t involve injury, although we do that too, of course. If you’re dealing with any of the above situations, a nagging injury, post-surgery needs, chronic pain, or other concern, give Body One Physical Therapy a call. Our team of outstanding providers is here to help our clients return better than ever to their jobs, sports, and lives. We are locally-owned with four locations serving Central Indiana: North Indianapolis, South Indianapolis, Fishers, and Zionsville.