Looking for The Best Exercise to Help You Achieve Your Beach-Ready Body? We Have Good News (and Bad News)

In the ongoing quest for that “summer body,” people have often asked (and Google searched) what the best form of exercise is and we have the answer. The bad news is that, just like with any real life change, it isn’t simple; the good news is that it’s highly individual. While swimmers may claim they have the best form of fitness because it uses all the muscle groups, and runners promise theirs is the hardest, and cyclists swear by their sport, the simple answer is: the best exercise is the one you enjoy and that you’ll stick with. Read on for more tips (but sadly no magic pill) in the search for your own beach-ready figure.

No Magic Pill

If you sit through enough commercials you’ll eventually see an ad for some so-called “revolutionary” piece of exercise equipment that can whip you into shape in “only minutes a day!” Scroll through your news feed and you’ll find conversations of people both asking for and others giving advice. If a magic pill for weight loss and fitness truly existed, we’d most definitely have found it by now! The short answer is the one that you may have heard before: move more and focus on healthy food choices. You can buy entire books, DVDs, stream shows, and more about weight loss and health but it all boils down to getting moving and making better choices in the kitchen. There just isn’t a magic pill out there, so don’t waste more time looking.

Not By Diet Alone

Let’s say the “Freshman 15” stuck around longer than expected, or that number on the scale didn’t register until your favorite jeans didn’t fit right anymore. Whatever the reason, you decided to change your diet and there are plenty of fad diets to choose from! Love gluten or hate it, love carbs or want to pitch them in the trash, focused on portion control, mail order, or made-to-order, you name it and they’re out there. The problem is that even if you lose weight through a fad diet, many of them are unsustainable and you could even be losing valuable muscle, too. You may not want to get moving, but it’s worth it for your overall health. Your health provider is a great resource for what may work best for your unique diet.

Get Moving & You’ll Gain

You don’t have to be the next major tennis star to play a few matches with friends and you don’t have to run a marathon to try running around your neighborhood. Is there something that you’ve always liked but haven’t tried? Why not give it a shot! Many studies have shown how valuable exercise is for both physical and mental well-being. Aim for at least thirty minutes, three times a week and you can always build up to more. Fitness activities are a great way to stay social, too. Grab a few friends and get out there – you’ll be glad you did.

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