5 Things Your PT Wishes You Would Do

Your Physical Therapist has just about seen it all: before surgery, after surgery, new injuries, chronic pain, balance problems, stubborn issues that are hard to resolve… and here’s what your PT wishes you would do to make your treatment and recovery easier and more effective:

  1. Be Honest: If you don’t communicate about what is/isn’t working, it’s much harder for us to help. It’s better to tell your provider that you’ve skipped your home exercise routine – because if you’re not making progress, this is important information. Be honest with your Physical Therapist – they’re on your team!
  2. Follow your  Program: If you don’t participate, it definitely doesn’t work. Your ‘homework’ (the instructions and exercises you’re given between visits) is designed to help move you forward in your recovery. Following instructions will get you a lot closer to your goals. If you’re struggling or experiencing discomfort/pain, be sure that, again, you’re honest with your provider so s/he can adjust your plan if necessary.
  3. Listen to Warnings: Your provider is an expert in the musculoskeletal system, and if s/he warns you about certain movements or activities, be sure to listen.
  4. Be Patient: We know that when you’re in pain or healing, recovery can’t come fast enough. Your provider has seen plenty of tough cases, and almost everyone sees some benefit from Physical Therapy. Stay positive and be patient – you won’t always be on day one of your program!
  5. Celebrate Success: Whether it’s a small achievement or your PT graduation, you deserve to celebrate it! You and your provider have worked hard to reach goals so celebrate your progress along the way.

When you’re in Physical Therapy, you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t work hard and follow both your Physical Therapist’s instructions and the custom program created for you. We’re both cheering you on and coaching you toward recovery – but it takes your hard work to get there.

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