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Welcome to Body One Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation!

The expert physical therapists and staff of Body One provide the highest quality physical therapy care to patients throughout the Indianapolis metropolitan area – one therapist and one patient at a time. With four convenient Indianapolis area locations, our skilled physical therapists have a reputation for meeting the needs of patients and the physicians who refer them. Trusted Care, Proven Results!

At Body One Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, our services are personally designed to help patients as they deal with a diverse range of musculoskeletal conditions. We focus on providing care with minimal discomfort to gain maximum function. Services include physical therapy treatment for spinal disorders impacting the neck and lower back, shoulder dysfunction, hip and pelvic pain, knee problems, foot and ankle pain and rheumatologic conditions.

The Body One team also offers custom fitness and wellness programs including aftercare, personal training, strength training, BIC Specialty Fitness, Pilates for individuals and groups, and Massage Therapy.

Four Locations

S. Emerson Zionsville Westfield N. Meridian N. Meridian

BIC Specialty Fitness

BIC is a personal training and wellness practice dedicated to special populations.

Training and classes are available at Body One North Meridian, Zionsville and Westfield locations.

Learn more about BIC Specialty Fitness and their training and class schedule here or contact Cheryl Kingsbury 903-3377 or Ineke Madderom 658-5333