Administrative Spotlight
Sarah HirschmanSarah Hirschman 2017-1

After graduation from Purdue University with a degree in Kinesiology in May 2017, I started working as a PT Aide at the Fishers clinic. I could see right away that Body One employees are top tier, acting as one big family and exhibiting respect for each other and their patients. Since I am applying to PT school, all of the qualities Body One possesses are important to me. It is also pretty amazing to learn from such great therapists about all the aspects of the physical therapy profession.

In my free time I love to bake, as the Fishers clinic has experienced. I am also a huge thrill seeker and traveler. I love doing some dare devil things, for example bungee jumping and hang gliding. Any activity that requires being outside, sign me up! I have been a soccer player all my life, so any sport interests me; for example, water skiing, surfing, pickle ball, flag football, and many more.