Nothing ruins a team, an athlete’s season, or an individual’s fitness program faster than an injury. At Body One, we believe that advances in sports medicine have given us the ability to understand injury prediction and implement testing programs that can identify an individual’s risk of injury before an injury occurs.

Body One Physical Therapy’s Performance Ability Testing (PAT) utilizes a combination of functional movement and dynamic balance testing with previous injury history to identify movement limitations or irregularities, abnormal balance patterns, and areas in which notable strength deficits are present. Combining this data assists us in the prediction of potential injury areas, and allows for the development of highly specialized training techniques that specifically address the identified deficits.

This valuable testing process has armed therapists, trainers, and coaches with the proper guidance for developing prevention strategies that will keep the athlete healthy, maximize their athletic abilities, and keep their season alive.

Who Should Consider PAT?

School Athletic Departments

Our Performance Ability Testing program can:

  • Provide your entire program with an assessment on every athlete, identifying those who need specific guidance and attention.
  • Offer recommendations for appropriate changes to an individual athlete’s training program.
  • Identify deficiencies and risk areas that are common across your entire program, or within specific sports.
  • Suggest modifications to training tactics across your entire program.

Club Sport Coaches

As a club sport coach, you face many of the same challenges as school athletic departments. Our Performance Ability Testing can:

  • Provide you with injury risk and deficiency assessments for your entire team.
  • Discover areas in which your entire team is at a heightened risk for injury or needs specific attention.
  • Help modify your training programs to limit injury risk for your entire team.
  • Help you direct training recommendations toward athletes who need it the most.

Performance Trainers

Your athletes want to make improvements in their overall athletic ability and boost their performance. Putting your athletes through Performance Ability Testing prior to the start of their training program can:

  • Identify specific areas that are susceptible to injury.
  • Provide information to eliminate any movement irregularities or limitations that hamper the success of their training.
  • Help you design programs to reduce their risk of injury and maximize their performance.

Fitness Program Participants and Individual Athletes

You have big goals for your fitness or athletic career, and in order to achieve those goals you must train to improve your abilities constantly while staying injury-free. Participating in Performance Ability Testing will arm you with information about your movement limitations and areas of possible injury risk, as well as help you understand how you compare to your peers. You can use this information to focus your training on areas that will give you the most benefit and help you stay healthy and injury-free.

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If you are ready to take a proactive approach in treating injuries for your school, team, or individual sports career – we can help. Our Performance Ability Testing Team can be your partner in building an injury prevention program.

Contact us today to learn more or schedule your Performance Ability Test.

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