Those Who Stay Will Be Champions

It’s no secret to those who know me that I am a huge Michigan fan, having been born and raised in The Great State of Michigan. “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions” is a motto instilled by legendary coach Bo Schembechler when he became Michigan’s head football coach in 1969. For Bo it was both a pledge and a challenge to players: those who are willing to sacrifice and do what is necessary will be rewarded with excellent results. His first training camp saw 140 players enter, but only 75 were willing to endure the exacting demands imposed by Schembechler. True to his word, in his 20 years as head coach at Michigan, no Wolverine who stayed at least four years left without at least a share of the Big Ten Championship.

As I get older, the motto takes on a new meaning for me. It’s not about the championships, but about staying and making the most of my opportunities. Life’s struggles are relentless, and can often seem overwhelming. Giving up can sound like the better option, but the discipline to stay, to wrestle with and try to overcome the struggle, is what molds us into better versions of ourselves. The struggles come in many forms: financial, emotional, occupational, faith, civic, educational, and personal. Those who have endured understand that while we may lament the hard times, in many ways we learn more from the struggles than from more favorable circumstances, and that those hardships have made us better people.

Every day we take care of people who are damaged in some way: after trauma, with frightening illnesses, with overuse injuries, longstanding degenerative conditions, and assorted sprains, strains, bumps, and bruises. Sometimes recovery goes as planned, sometimes the deck is stacked against regaining full pain-free ability. There are concerns about pain, effects of medication, medical bills, time off the job, ability to return work, chores undone at home, not making the ball team, and wavering support of family, friends and co-workers. Struggles come in all sizes, but the struggle is real for each of us.

What is your struggle and how can we help? Are you enduring physical pain, loss of mobility, or poor physical performance at home, work, or play? Our capable staff in each of our 3 locations are specialists in controlling pain, improving mobility and strength, enhancing physical performance, and in getting you back to an active life sooner. We can’t promise perfection, but we will walk with you in your struggle. We would love to help you on your journey, and to be a resource for you and your family for years to come.

“Those Who Stay Will Be Champions”


To your better movement,

Go Blue,