Body One is a privately owned, out-patient physical therapy practice, owned and operated by physical therapists. Body One prides itself on one-on-one care, and patient-first mentality. Our promise and mission is to provide quality care and exceptional professionalism, develop personal relationships, and create a comfortable atmosphere.


Our commitment to each patient that comes in our practice is to create a welcoming environment, to facilitate healing and recovery. The mission is to be certain that each patient gets the best service and truly feels like their needs are being addressed.


“We’re not doing our best unless a patient feels completely comfortable and treated well,” Dr. Brian Pease, founder of Body One said. “Our intention isn’t to solely treat a patient but also develop relationships and find the best personal treatment for each patient.”


We strive to ensure patients can trust that Body One has their best interests in mind to ultimately achieve the best outcome possible through physical therapy.   Our patients must understand that we are partners with them in their treatment; we are committed to assisting each patient through their personal, physical therapy journey. We hope we can elevate each patient to a better physical and mental state post therapy through comprehensive and individualized care.


“We never want our patients to just feel like a number,” Dr. Pease said. “It’s vital to our practice that every person who walks through our door meets a friendly face that will guide them through their physical therapy journey.”


We want all of our patients to know they are receiving individualized care tailored to their needs, and that our therapists are doing their best work to get them back to doing what they love.