Punam-Shah-2012v2-2Provider Spotlight – Punam Hills PT, DPT

Dr. Punam Shaw always knew she wanted to serve people by pursuing a career in the medical field; however, the strict time limits physicians face with their patients meant her interests and gifts were to branch in a different direction. By becoming a physical therapist, she could work closely with clients at a more relaxed pace – and see them through their initial visit to rehabilitation. Punam dove into her career as a PT and has also received her OCS (orthopedic clinical specialist) certification. Punam was passionate about working with children, and over time her practice has evolved to working most closely with adolescents -although she still sees clients from all walks of life. Punam has organically grown to treat what she’s good at, and has a thriving client base in which she helps those dealing with TMD: or jaw pain and dysfunction. She finds that many times, only a few sessions can make a tremendous difference for her clients. She also keeps a wider focus on overall health, wellness, and prevention. Punam noted that with year ’round sports being the new-normal for many student athletes, she’s also seeing more over-use injuries than in years past. Away from her practice, Punam loves to travel and tries to never visit the same place twice. She also loves to read and says that her teen patients tend to recommend some of her favorite contemporary books! Currently, Dr. Hills is seeing patients at the Zionsville location.