Five Reasons For You to Have Your Own Physical Therapist

Last month I went to my Dentist, as I do periodically. It’s not always my favorite day, but I always appreciate the friendly greeting from his staff, the capable and encouraging hygienist who gently reminds me to do every day what I should have been doing since kindergarten, and the warm, professional, and skillful Dentist. They make me feel comfortable as they care for my teeth. If I have a problem with a tooth, they are there for me. My Dentist.

In January I went to my primary care Physician, as I do periodically. When I am sick, requiring a referral, needing medical advice, or having my annual physical, I call my primary care physician. Sometimes they are surprised that I have not seen them in a while, but when I have a medical problem, they are there for me. My primary care Physician.

You might see where this is heading. When I have pain, or when my body is not moving well, or if I need advice on how to return to an activity that I am no longer able to do, I make an appointment to see my physical therapist. (Disclaimer: I work with 13 of them, so I generally don’t need an appointment). My physical therapist has a welcoming staff, a helpful and encouraging assistant, and a vast array of techniques, tips, tricks, and maneuvers to help me to help myself feel better, move better, and get back to an active life sooner. When I have a physical problem or concern, my physical therapist is there for me. My Physical Therapist.

So, this all made me think of several reasons that you should have your own physical therapist:

  1. You have a unique set of demands, interests, abilities, physical limitations, medical history, and goals. When you find someone who understands this, why not go back whenever you need assistance?
  2. You have questions that deserve better answers than Google can provide. Come see me.
  3. Exercise is one of the most powerful interventions available to restore health. Come see an exercise specialist who knows you and your history, as well as understands your current condition and medications.
  4. We have a pain medication crisis in this country. For decades physicians have prescribed opioid medications to a vast array of physical conditions, resulting in an epidemic of opioid dependency. Your physical therapist will touch you, bend you, stretch you, help you move, instruct you, and encourage you, but never, ever, ever prescribe opioid pain medication for you. Promise.
  5. We take referrals from over 450 different physicians, so we are happy to work with any physician that you trust. By the same token, many of you can come see us without a referral. Give us a call if interested.
  6. You can brag to your family, friends, and co-workers that you have your own physical therapist, and they just might need one too!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. I hope that you are able to enjoy time with friends, neighbors, family, have a few burgers, and look forward to the dog days of summer to follow. Summer is a time for activity and movement, so as always, if we can assist you in restoring movement or reducing pain, or if you just want to come by and tag your physical therapist, give us a call.

Best Independence Day Wishes,