Setting Goals for Success


Many of us have ideas for self-improvement or goals we would like to achieve, but how do we define those goals to improve our success? Setting goals using the SMART method, helps to clarify your goals and make a plan to achieve them. Take a look at these simple steps to help define your goals:


  1. Specific- narrow down what you truly want to accomplish. Instead of “I want to be healthier,” decide what helps define improved health to you. For example, “I want to walk to improve my endurance.”
  2. Measureable- decide how you will measure progress towards your goal. You can measure distance or time that you have exercised, hours of sleep, or number of days each week you will stretch.
  3. Attainable-are you able to take action to meet the goal and is this a change that you can make instead of something that needs to happen to you? Make sure you have the power to determine your success.
  4. Realistic- choose a goal that is realistic for the time and ability you have. If you have just started a running program, it may be unrealistic and unsafe to set a goal to run a marathon in two months.
  5. Time bound- when do you expect to achieve this goal. It is often beneficial to set a long-term goal and make additional short term goals to help reach the long term goal. For example, the long term goal may be to stretch 30 minutes/day for 5 days a week. To begin you may have a short term goal of 10 minutes each day for the first week, 20 minutes a day for the second week, and finally achieving the long term goal of 30 minutes in the third week.


If you have goals to improve your physical functioning and movement consult with your Body One Physical Therapist so we can help you on your path to success!