3 Low Impact Exercises that Get Results

Every now and then, our bodies need a break from the pounding and abuse they can take with many common exercise programs.  Luckily, low impact exercises can offer the same great results without all the wear and tear.  However, if you are experiencing excessive pain in your joints, it may be time for you to visit a Body One location for a free injury screening.  You might have a bigger problem than you think!

If you are just looking to mix your workout up a little, the following are some great low impact exercises you can follow to stay in shape:

Cycling (indoors or out) is one of the best low-impact cardiovascular workouts that you can do. The key is finding the best level of resistance on your indoor cycle, or the right gear for outdoors.  If you can settle into a consistent rate, you will keep pressure off your knees and enjoy a pleasant workout.  A moderate hour long session can burn asmany as 600-750 calories.

Added Advantage: One of the best ways to increase your calorie burn on the bike is to use intervals that are constantly changing in both speed and resistance.  You should only try this once you feel comfortable with your cycling workout and the impact it has on tender joints like the knees.

Swimming The total-body benefits of swimming make it well worth finding a gym with a pool.  You can burn up to 700+ calories in just one hour of work.  The resistance that the water provides makes movements more challenging, enabling your muscles to work hard while simultaneously reducing the impact forces on your joints.  You will get your entire body into the workout, strengthening everywhere while also greatly improving your cardio fitness.

Added Advantage: Improve your results by alternating between different strokes throughout the workout.  Make sure to safely focus on your form rather than trying to beat any speed record.

Added Advantage #2: The buoyancy ‘lift’ provided by exercising in chest-deep water allows you to run,  jog or hop with only a fraction of the  compressive forces on your feet, knees, and hips.

Yoga Yoga is an amazingly effective, low-impact way to stay strong and lean.  Offering an average burn of about 400 calories an hour, yoga is a total-body workout that strengthens, keeps your heart rate elevated, and increases oxygen uptake—all of which helps boost your burn.

Added Advantage Use yoga as a chance to take your mind off the daily routine.  Focus on each movement and really feel every muscle working throughout the exercise.  You will actually burn more calories with proper form and reduce the risk of injury.